Have a look at some of our previous projects

Maryland REALTORS Legal questions Answered

Informative video for REALTORS in Maryland covering the “Understanding Whom Agents Represent Form & Buyer Agency Agreements”.

Ensor Plumbing TV Spot #1

30 second TV spot for Ensor Plumbing.

Maryland REALTORS 2018 Call for Volunteers

2018 Maryland REALTOR president Boyd Campbell welcoming new members to the association.

Maryland REALTORS Legal Questions 3 - Spring ‘18

Kathleen Dartez, ESQ the Director of Legal Affairs for Maryland REALTORS, answers legal questions from Maryland REALTOR members.

Maryland REALTORS Welcome Video 2018 

2018 Maryland REALTOR president Boyd Campbell welcoming new members to the association.

Get to Know the Roles of Real Estate Agents

Blending the power of information and video, this motion graphic based project brings a brochure to life.

"We are Mount Carmel"- School Admissions Video

A School admissions video is a powerful tool when trying to attract future students. It allows you to showcase what makes your school special and lets faculty, students and parents share what they love about the educational environment you have to offer.

Alfred Wegener, Science, Exploration,

and the Theory of Continental Drift Book Trailer

This trailer features the Author Mot Greene as he hints at the big ideas surrounding one of histories least known scientific minds. Alfred Wegener worked in may sciences and asked very big questions in his day. The book covers several of his contributions but focuses on his theory of continental drift. A masterful biography of Alfred Wegener (1880–1930), the German scientist who discovered continental drift.

Plutocracy in America Book Trailer

The growing gap between the most affluent Americans and the rest of society is changing the country into one defined―more than almost any other developed nation―by exceptional inequality of income, wealth, and opportunity. Listen to author Ron Formisano as he touches on just a few of the eye opening points he covers in this book.

Field Guide to the Neighborhood Birds of New York City Book Trailer

New York City’s favorite naturalist Leslie Day is back with a guided tour of the Big Apple that unveils the beautiful birds living in its midst. Watch the trailer to hear how she first fell in love with bird watching and what she covers in the book.

Before the Oath Book Trailer 

Martha Joynt Kumar, an expert on presidential transitions, illuminates the factors necessary for a successful hand off. She documents how two presidential teams—one outgoing, the other incoming—must forge trusting alliances in order to help the new president succeed in his or her first term.

Book Trailer for Generic

For the final book trailer for 2014 we dove into the intriguing world of Generic Pharmaceuticals. Brand name drugs and their generic counterparts are never identical. In his new book, Generic, medical historian Jeremy Greene M.D. considers how that happened and why it matters.

This is our second book trailer with the John's Hopkins University Press. The trailer features Professor Ronald Schuchard who is the general editor of this historical literary release discussing the story behind the never before seen works from T. S. Eliot. 

We had the pleasure of working with Nevins and Associates in producing a 30 second spot for May Eye Care in Hanover PA. We were lucky to have NFL player Mike Bamiro to talk about his experience with Lasik surgery with Dr May.

The John's Hopkins University Press had a major book release and wanted a professional way to create buzz and awareness about it. This is the first of several book trailers we have lined up for release this fall. Check out this one for Don Kraybill's new book "Renegade Amish". A look at how the Amish community was shattered by hate crimes committed by their own people.

Elite Video Solutions was engaged by the Johns Hopkins University Press to create a web series that would add a personal element to some of their Press Journals. This series has won local and national awards and we take pride in the sound and image quality we have achieved.

Krupp Center Overview

This promo for the Krupp Center is a perfect example of integrating staff interviews and client testimonials to deliver a powerful message.

Dr Krupp and his team make huge differences in peoples lives everyday. This video is helping maximize the amount of people that they can reach. 

We have created numerous overview videos for CCBC to help explain what their programs have to offer. These projects involved filming the students in their environment, green screen interviews and motion graphics. CCBC is using video to it's fullest potential to show potential students all of the great things they have to offer. 

Elite Video Solutions produced promotional videos for all 5 Baltimore County golf courses  plus an overview video detailing their great programs. Here is the Promo for Rocky Point Golf Course. See all of their videos on the         Baltimore County Golf YouTube Channel .            

          Dr Ari Moskowitz, multiple winner of Baltimore's       "Top Dentists" award, wanted a more personal approach than the standard website. We decided the best way to share his story was through a comprehensive overview video. The video includes client & colleague testimonials and Dr Ari himself.

See his site HERE