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After giving this a lot of thought this is the size I have in mind for telling our story. I know we discussed a full length 1 -2 hour long feature and I will list that as a separate project. I am looking to make this between 40-60 minutes and tell the entire story, not just the history. History will be a big part of it of course but it will one of the elements along with ministries, music, mission statement, peoples stories (how they found Relay, why the chose to stay, what it means to them, etc). I don't see this as being a linear story either. I really won't know the best order to tell the story until we have all of the interviews in "in the can" as they say. But one story may lead to another. This will be aimed at anyone that wants to learn how our community became what it is today.

Here is what we need to tell this story.

  1. Content- For this version I plan to cover history, our mission, music, ministry overview and member stories. I would also like to hear from some of our regular priests for their stories.
  2. People to participate- Each "bullet point" we come up with for content will require a person or people to interview. There can be situations where someone can cover more than one topic and some topics that we hear from more than one person. Most interviews will happen at Relay but if I feel there is too much repetitiveness with the background I may ask to come to peoples homes instead.
  3. Music- Music will have it's own section I am sure but we will also use music throughout the video for transitions and occasionally as a bed underneath people speaking.
  4. Delivery Method- This version will be too big for digital delivery so  DVDs/Blu-rays  will be the only way to show it. 
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