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Relay Doc

Relay History Documentary

This project will serve as telling the entire story of what got us to where we are today. This will run  between 1-2 hours and stick primarily to telling stories about the history of our community. 

  1. Content- We will determine a timeline of the history based on Neil's legwork and determine candidates for interviewing. Some footage will be taped at the same interviews for the shorter versions but there may be others that we interview just for this version.
  2. People to participate- Each "bullet point" we come up with for content will require a person or people to interview. There can be situations where someone can cover more than one topic and some topics that we hear from more than one person. Most interviews will happen at Relay but if I feel there is too much repetitiveness with the background I may ask to come to peoples homes instead.
  3. Music- Music will have it's own section I am sure but we will also use music throughout the video for transitions and occasionally as a bed underneath people speaking.
  4. Delivery Method- DVDs and Blu-rays for sure.
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