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Relay Web Video


Our goal for the web video is to give a brief synopsis of our community. The running time should be somewhere between 60-120 seconds. The video will be voice over driven and strictly be to provide enough information to get newcomers in the door. Here is what we need to get this going.

  1. Content- We need to determine what we will talk about. Once we have some bullet points I will draft up a rough script for the voice over. Visuals will be stills or motion graphics that I will create.
  2. Person to say Voice Over- Who will I record saying the voice over? My first thought would be Maria Gamble. She has a nice energy when she speaks and I feel she is someone who can receive direction well. Let me know if you can think of anyone else.
  3. Music- I still have not reached to Al about any of this but I think an acoustic guitar with maybe a little keyboard would be a nice music bed to have under the voice. The other option would be for me to pick stock music from my library.
Robert ColeComment